Two places for activities in the 300-year old Minami Boso village. With fields and a hilly backdrop
Minami Boso, Chiba
Yamana House is located in Miyoshi in Minami Boso, about 2 hours by car from the town. The old Japanese-style houses are said to have been built 200-300 years ago in the Edoera. The arable fields lay dormant for many years, while the mountains soar upwards from behind. Yamana House began in the spring of 2015, based on the idea of a shared upland village. The upland village was tended to step by step, by recultivating the dormant arable land, maintaining the hills in the backdrop, and restoring the old Japanese houses. The upland village has an environment you can come and enjoy as the starting point of two areas of activity for the inhabitants of the town. As well as the upland village, there is another place where the people of Minami Boso gather. Let’s meet up in Minami Boso.
Work meet-up once a month in Minami Boso!
Workshop for fitting an insulated floor
First-time experience of mowing
Exercise the body and refreshing yourself one weekend a month by working in the upland village. Rather than being divided into teachers and those being taught, everyone joins in together in the main. For nearly 20 years, people have been coming to enjoy something different, tending the uninhabited houses, fields and hilly backdrop while taking a seasonal trip. There is a great variety of work in the upland village, such as DIY on the old houses, tending to the hilly backdrop, or working in the fields. Everybody has dinner together in the evening when work is finished, feeling comfortably tired. You can also camp in amongst the 300-year old houses.
A weekend upland village site, on the floors of the 300-year old houses!
Enjoying a drink in the house aftera day of upland village work
Time for food made by everyone
Sometimes on Saturday nights, all kinds of people come together and socialize over a drink in the old houses, men and women, young and old, whether it’s migrants, people active in both places, people who live there, or guests from Tokyo. After drinking, everyone can bed down together in the living room. Everyone has an enjoyable evening, like a training camp from your schooldays. Different themes each time, such as eating mixed soba, village snacks, village werewolf night!
Information about the area
About 2 hours from Tokyo by high-speed bus. Located in Minami Boso City on the Boso Peninsula, surrounded by sea and upland villages which are rich in nature. The population is 39,000. A good chance to get away from the city and enjoy a local feeling.